Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pelosi: Testing Waters For Hillary Attack?

Is Nancy Pelosi testing the political waters for a Hillary Clinton line of attack on Sarah Palin?

An unattributed AP story in the Boston Globe , headlined "Pelosi: McCain's choice of Palin 'poor judgment'" reports that the Speaker attacked both Sarah Palin and McCain for poor judgment, while the Speaker was campaigning in Connecticut. As for John McCain, she was particularly critical of his judgment, because, as she said: "He knows better."

Nasty Nancy!

She then also conceded that her opinions about Palin's judgment were based on what "she heard about" regarding the Palin interview with Charlie Gibson on ABC. Pelosi had to admit that she did not watch the interview, as she was attending a bocce ball tournament in Hartford at the time!

In addition, the report added that the Speaker further opined:
What she wants in a female candidate, she said Friday, goes beyond gender: "It's not just a woman, but a woman who shares our views."
I wonder if Nancy includes, in that expression of "views," a willingness to personally and publicly attack someone, based only on what "she heard about" them?

The bottom line, then, is that Nancy Pelosi says that John McCain should not have selected Sarah Palin, because Sarah's views are not the same as the Democrats. And "he knew better," but he went and did it anyway!

Boy . . . that bucket sure won't carry a lot of water! Scratch that baby off Hillary's list!

Actually, Sarah Palin could decide to begin that discussion herself . . . by simply agreeing in principle with the Speaker!

Just imagine . . . Sarah could say:
"I agree with Speaker Pelosi when she claims I do not share some of her views.

For example, I know that "natural gas" is a fossil fuel. Speaker Pelosi foolishly believes otherwise -- even though she is reportedly very heavily invested in it! That is a topic I know quite a bit about, and that I also have considerable experience dealing with, both prior to, and after becoming Governor.

Energy independence is vital to our national security going forward. Maybe I'll send Nancy an e-mail about it!
You get the gist. The list of disagreements could be a long, long list! She could call it "Sarah's List."

And Hillary could call it, "Topics to Avoid!"

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