Monday, August 18, 2008

A Liberal Entrée of Media Dish

Thomas F. Roeser is the chairman of the editorial board of The Chicago Daily Observer, and a regular columnist there of some considerable talent.

He has served up a generous course of media dish with his latest column, "How the Liberal Media Stonewalled the Edwards Story." (h.t., Newsalert, here).

Roeser simply left no large stones undisturbed. None.

Addressing the general and perennial accusation of "progressive" bias in the media, as manifested by to the failure to pursue this story, Roeser pegged that right off with two equally harsh and unequivocal diagnoses, each one having spilled, scent and all, right from an offending source:

Two journalistic liberals now attest to the fact. Howard Kurtz, media critic for The Washington Post last week blasted his mainline journalistic colleagues for trying to snuff out the truth because Edwards is a fellow liberal. He wrote, "the widespread allegations…were an open secret that was debated in every newsroom and reported by almost none." He was joined by Clark Hoyt, ombudsman for The New York Times whose job is to determine how impartial his newspaper is. He wrote, "The John Edwards 'love child' story finally made the national news media and made the front page of yesterday’s Times. For weeks, Jay Leno joked about it, the internet was abuzz and readers wondered why The Times and most of the mainstream media seemed to be studiously ignoring a story of sex and betrayal involving a former Democratic presidential candidate who remains prominent on the political stage."

Hoyt harshly condemned his employer: "Before Edwards' admission, The Times never made a serious effort to investigate the story, even as [The National Enquirer] wrote one sensational report after another."

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At 8:44 PM, August 25, 2008, Blogger Michael Martin said...

The two more recent posts have been better quality than some of your other postings. I'm thinking of the Petraeus posts, which merely recounted a Petraeus piece and a new form of media, as well as the blank, non-analytical posts from the Romney campaign in New Hampshire. But even this Edwards post has more secondary source than original content.

At 10:27 PM, August 26, 2008, Blogger Trochilus said...


Gee, thanks for the somewhat left-handed compliment about this post and the prior one.

The Petraeus piece was intended to highlight the new form of media at Arena Channel, which I personally think is quite a fascinating approach.

I'm not there yet, you're not there yet at Other Spaces. One of the real missing aspects of modern media communication -- even with the advent of blogging -- is the relative inaccessibility of reliable detailed information. Austin Bay is taking an interesting step, and we'll see how it goes.

Also, Austin scooped everyone by getting the interview with General Petraeus, so I was passing it on for those who had not come across it. I personally thought it was a good interview, but obviously the General is not in a position to talk too much about what he knows from intelligence, where he thinks al-Qaeda is headed, or what he thinks the enemy's new strategy is going to be. It is a war, and lives are on the line, so he cannot say too much.

But one thing is quite notable -- he's in their heads, not the other way around. And, his promotion means he is taking over in Afghanistan as well.

The fact is, al-Qaeda foolishly decided to take us on militarily in Iraq, believing that if they provoked a sufficient level of sectarian violence between Sunnis & Shia, liberals here would insist on some form of retreat, and they would scream so loudly that we would be driven from Iraq in abject defeat, allowing AQI to declare victory over us, and possibly even establish the Caliphate in Iraq.

They played the left here well, and the screaming and panting occurred right on signal. But the President hung tough, and the counter-insurgency strategy prevailed.

It's called community organizing that works -- you'd think a guy like Barack Obama would appreciate that! Yet he never even talked to Petraeus until a few weeks ago.


As for the Romney pieces, I was just trying to give people a flavor for the campaign from the road, up in New Hampshire. Others really enjoyed them. Sorry you didn't.

But keep reading, and thanks for your thoughts.


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