Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden on Joe Biden

Updates (2), below:

Here was Joe, speaking to just plain folks at a small reception on April 3, 1987, specifically in a blowhard response to a man identified only as "Frank," at a home in Claremont, New Hampshire.*

Joe dropped out of that race once the recounting of this story, and especially the several plagiarism allegations hit hard on the MSM circuit in the very early fall of that year.

At his blog, Brendan Nyhan gives the background of this, Joe's most famous dissembling moment. He also linked to the Micky Kaus take at Slate, and he reposted a subsequent New York Times story about the incident.

Here is the actual link to the New York Times takedown story from September of '87, by E.J Dionne, recounting and parsing all the details of Joe's blowhard claims to "Frank." That story was also recently re-posted here on The NRO Corner.


Really, no further explanation needed . . . except to say that this is going to be a colorful fall campaign!

Update 4:55 pm: Here's a thought. Perhaps Joe and the Vice-Presidential Presidential candidate should consider anointing themselves as, The TWO? Ed Morrissey at HotAir has posted the Obama gaffe at the rollout today! And, the Biden gaffe -- "Barack America."

Update II: The entire exchange between Joe and the questioner named "Frank" at that Democrat coffee klatch up in Claremont, New Hampshire, has now been posted on YouTube.** You can hear the question, Joe's defensive and blustering answer, together with all the boasts that were later proven false.

It is also interesting to hear him belittle the question about his plans, and call Democrats "heartless technocrats" for always being so concerned about 12 or 14 or 19 point plans.

Here it is:

* Source: a news rebroadcast of a CSPAN feed of the event, posted by 9195340, at YouTube)

** Source:

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At 9:42 PM, August 23, 2008, Blogger Thomas O. Meehan said...

It's a curious fact that plagiarists like Obama and Biden seek out each other's company. One would expect the reverse. Well, when you have nothing of your own to say I suppose the danger of someone else stealing your lines is negligible.

At 11:14 AM, August 28, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Meehan's nailed it.


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