Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More On The Petraeus Interview

In a blog entry at his site, Michael Barone has also picked up on the 30-minute General Petraeus interview by Austin Bay through Bay's new presence at the new multi-media, Arena Channel. We posted about the convergence media interview on August 7th. If you haven't had the opportunity to check in on their interactive site, it is well worth it.

Michael mentions an observation by General Petraeus about al-Qaeda-in-Iraq having taken to operating as a "mafia" style organization, which Barone further notes is a not-uncommon historical tendency among terror outfits.

The splash page for the nascent Arena Channel can be found here. So far, there is one other contributor, Annie Jacobsen, an author whose work has focused on airline security, having a few years back, been as noted on the site "unwittingly involved in an airplane incident which many federal agents believe was a dry run for a terrorist attack."

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