Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny Comment of the Day

It is found at Ann Althouse, in the comment section of a post about yesterday's meeting of The One and The First One, regarding a meeting held by invitation only at the Harlem office of The First One, in New York, and that was entitled, "Barack Obama goes to Harlem... to spend some time with Bill Clinton."

Below is that short and sweet opinion, expressed therein by one "Swen Swenson." It clearly runs somewhat counter to our theory (expressed below) to the effect that a deal was likely cut by them in this latest version of The Two (we had previously identified The Two as Obama/Biden, but now Bill obviously has top billing) . . . a deal by which we suggested that Hillary will morph into a "Paladin" style gunslinger, and will likely now undertake the task of personally going after Sarah Palin, in exchange (win or lose) for certain, shall we say, "players to be named later" on behalf of the Clintons.

Here was Swen's funny take, suggesting that a.) Obama had gone begging to Bill, and b.) that Clinton was less than committal (with a modest "typo" correction - The for Teh):
Swen said...

I agree with some earlier posters: It is telling that Obama went to see Clinton and not the other way around. The One must be getting a bit nervous and it sounds like Clinton just voted "present".

6:49 PM
Could be. We agree wholeheartedly with his first point, but only time will tell whether a deal was cut!

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