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2012 NH Republican Primary: All Precincts Now In

01/11/2012 Both CNN and CBS are showing complete numbers from the results of the 2012 New Hampshire Republican Primary, all 301 election precincts statewide having now reported.

UPDATE, 01/13/2012: The New Hampshire Sec'y of State has now posted new vote totals, prompting the need for us to include a few minor numerical and percentage adjustments here for most of the major candidates. As a result Newt Gingrich dropped to 5th place. The new totals also included results for those who were not on our major candidate list, including minor candidates, writes-in votes, "scattered" votes, and others. The overall result is minor numerical AND percentage adjustments from what we had previously written.

But the one big surprise was that with the recalculation of both the numerical and percentage adjustments, Newt Gingrich slipped down a notch to 5th place, below Rick Santorum.

The overall result is that Mitt Romney won with 97,532 97,600 votes, or 39.77% 39.3% of the total vote. In 2008, Romney got 75,675 votes. Thus, he increased his personal vote total this year, garnering 21,857 21,925 more votes in 2012 than he did four years ago.

Of the votes shown at CBS (which includes the votes for all the candidates (including the 349 votes cast for Michelle Bachmann) a total of 245,213 people cast ballots for the seven primary candidates on the ballot. (UPDATE: Because of the new Sec'y of State numbers, the CBS and CNN numbers previously linked are now slightly incorrect. See the table below for the accurate numbers.)

There were no doubt a small handful of votes cast for others, including write-ins, but we will not know with absolute precision how many there were until the Sec'y of State posts the official results in a few days. However, given the "final" numbers we do have now, it is clear that 4,174 more people voted in this year's Republican primary, than cast ballots back in 2008. UPDATE, 01/13/2012: In addition to the votes listed below (which now includes a posting of Buddy Roemer's 950 votes), and, in addition, after also counting all the votes for Herman Cain (161), Karger (485), Johnson (181), write-ins for Obama (285), and a host of other lesser votes, and those listed as "scatter," it is clear there was a significant increase in the number of votes cast in the Republican primarythis year. The overall total of 248,289 votes cast in this 2012 Republican primary in New Hampshire, exceeded the 2008 total of 241,039 by 7,250 votes.
The statewide totals were as follows: (See new totals under UPDATE: below). Taking into account the"final" numbers showing that 248,289 people voted in the NH Republican Primary this year, here were the individual results, numerical and percentage.

Mitt Romney _____ 97,532 _ 39.77%

Ron Paul ________ 56,848 _ 23.18%

Jon Huntsman ____ 41,945 _ 17.10%

Newt Gingrich ____ 23,411 __ 9.54%

Rick Santorum ____ 23,362 __ 9.53%

Rick Perry ________ 1,766 ___ .72%

Michelle Bachmann __ 349 ___ .14%

UPDATE, 11/13/2012: Latest numbers from the New Hampshire Sec'y of State's Office, can be found here, containing a few adjustments to several candidates' totals.

As we noted above, the bad news is for Newt Gingrich. Looks like he came in 5th place (not 4th as originally thought) -- behind Rick Santorum.
The adjusted statewide rankings were as follows -- with ALL 248,289 votes cast included:

Mitt Romney _____ 97,600 _ 39.3%

Ron Paul ________ 56,872 _ 22.9%

Jon Huntsman ____ 41,783 _ 16.82%

Rick Santorum ____ 23,408 __ 9.43%

Newt Gingrich ____ 23,293 __ 9.38%

Rick Perry ________ 1,764 ___ .71%

Buddy Roemer _______ 950 ___.38%

Michelle Bachmann ___ 350 ___ .14%

Other ____________ 2,269 ___ .91%
Designates the winner.

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