Sunday, January 08, 2012

Tony Blankley: 1949 - 2012

01/08/2012 Tony Blankley has died, just shy of sixty-three years old.* He had been battling of stomach cancer and passed away late Saturday, according to reports. Tony resided in Virginia and is survived by has wife and three children.

A naturalized American citizen, Tony was born in England and his parents moved to the United States (to California) in the years following World War II. Tony played a few roles as a child actor.

A conservative author and lawyer, he once was a prosecutor for ten years out in CA, served in a few distinguished stints in government in Washington, DC, including for the Reagan Administration, and later became the press secretary and an adviser to Speaker Gingrich.

Tony also served later as the editorial page editor for the Washington Times.

I always enjoyed reading Tony's take on events. He will be sorely missed.

*The initial year of birth we posted was incorrect. Tony was born January 21, 1949.



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