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Chechen Terrorists Make Move: One Dead; Other Holed Up In Watertown, MA

April 19, 2013 -- One of the two suspects being sought in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead, having been killed during a gun battle confrontation with police in Watertown, Massachusetts last night, following a car chase from Cambridge, MA where at least the younger brother had resided for "several years" -- perhaps for as long as 10 years -- and to where they apparently had initially retreated to following the planting of the bombs just across the Charles River in Boston on Monday. The terrorists, as it turns out, were Chechen brothers who may have also received military terror training overseas.

The name of "suspect number two" who last night managed to elude police and is still at large, is Dzhokhar A.Tsarneav, age 19, who on his "Profile" (FaceBook style) page self-identifies as a Muslim. Under "Beliefs" he posted under "World View:  Islam" and under "Personal Priority:   Career and Money" and his site further shows that he has145 followers.  His dead brother's first name was reportedly, "Tamerlan Tsarneav."

What is now becoming clear is the close proximity of the actual Boston Marathon finishing line to their residence, which means that they could have literally walked away from the finishing line of the marathon where they had just planted the deadly bombs, by walking just a few blocks in Boston, and then walked the short distance across a bridge over the Charles River, to their residence in Cambridge.  And, conversely, it is clear that the brothers could have easily assembled those deadly devices -- which some experts have described as potentially unstable over any length of time -- right in their residence in Cambridge, and then simply walked them over to the marathon.  They had reportedly been residing there in Cambridge as permanent residents of the United States. The second brother is still on the loose, and has become the subject of a massive door-to-door manhunt in about a 15 or 20 block area of Watertown.

UPDATE: In a series of announcements, it has become clear that several extraordinary steps, nearly the entire area in and around Boston, out to and including Watertown, Massachusetts, are on virtual shut down as the massive manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev proceeds.  

UPDATE:  Here is the "Wanted Poster:"

UPDATE:  And here is the latest FBI photo of Dzhokhar which was also uploaded this morning, no doubt intended as an aid in the massive manhunt that has been underway for several hours:

A police officer in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- a campus policeman from MIT -- was killed by the suspects late yesterday evening, having been shot in his vehicle in the vicinity of Vassar and Main Streets in Cambridge.  The officer's gun was stolen from him. An alarm call had gone out to Cambridge police indicating that there was a robbery at the convenience store in the town.  The campus police officer from MIT may have recognized one or perhaps both of the perpetrators, and they may have recognized that they had been "made" or identified by him, which prompted them to then attack him. 

The suspects subsequently hijacked a black Mercedes SUV from a gas station in the area, forcing the driver to accompany them.  At some point, while it had been stopped for gas, the driver of the SUV was reportedly able to escape, or was kicked out by the terrorists, and he ran into a convenience store asking the clerk to call the police.  He is unharmed.  Following a high speed car chase into Watertown, a gunfight ensued, and another uniformed officer, a transit officer, was killed by gunshot during a confrontation with the terror suspects in Watertown, Massachusetts.

One of the two brothers (suspect number one) was fatally wounded.  However, the Dzhokhar A.Tsarneav is still on the loose.

According to Jennifer Griffin of Fox News, while monitoring police scanners earlier yesterday, she said that at least one message she heard regarding the terror suspects indicated that they were on the lookout for a 5' 7" foreigner perhaps of Middle Eastern origin.

As a result of the fluid situation, the entire City of Watertown is now on complete lock-down, as was just announced by the police chief.

In addition, what have been described as possibly "military grade" terror devices, many of which were being thrown by the suspects from the hijacked vehicle, are currently being located and disarmed.

As of a little after 5 pm yesterday, the FBI had publicly released several still photos and a video which identified two suspects at the scene of the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Late yesterday evening, more photos were released by the FBI, all of which can be found here.

Here was the video of the two during the race:

Supplementing this video, there were several still photos, including the newest ones now displayed below.

Last night, the FBI released additional photos, which are by far the most clear shots of the two suspects.  The suspects apparently had sought to make some sort of move outside, perhaps because it was in the dark, from whatever location they had been hiding in, perhaps around Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Here is the clearest shot yet of "suspect number one" from the race.  He was the man who was also killed in a gun battle confrontation with police earlier this evening.

And here is the other of the two clear photos of Dzhokhar A.Tsarneav who is reportedly still at large somewhere within the perimeter in the Watertown, Massachusetts area:

 Here was the clearest photo of the two of them together, which was uploaded with the above shot by the FBI, somewhere around 4 am this morning:

As a result, a massive manhunt is now on the way for Dzhokhar A.Tsarneav shown on the left above, who as we indicated is reportedly still on the loose in Watertown, several miles from Boston. His brother, "suspect number one" on the right was apparently killed in the exchange of gunfire with police following the car chase last evening.  According to hospital officials who briefly spoke at Beth Israel early this morning, in addition to having sustained multiple gunshot wounds, and perhaps shrapnel wounds, he also had trauma wounds, perhaps sustained from an explosive device.  The possibility, therefore, exists that he may have been wounded by one of his own devices.

When the two suspects carjacked the Mercedes SUV vehicle at the gas station, including having taken the owner hostage, the wild car chase thereupon ensued with the individuals in the hijacked vehicle throwing explosives from the vehicle and exchanging gunfire with police. At some point, the second police officer, reportedly identified as transit officer, was severely wounded in the exchange of gunfire, and is in critical condition in the hospital.

Late breaking reports from Fox News federal sources were cited as having indicated that the two suspects "may have been from overseas, and may have had military training."

UPDATE: The Daily Caller now has a post up indicating that, in addition to his nefarious activities over the past few days, several friends said that Dzhokhar Tsarneav was also a pothead, and that had posted a few tweets back in early November indicating that he was a supporter of Barack Obama during the 2012 Presidential Election.
. . .
"Boston bombing suspect and fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a “normal pot head” who supported President Obama for re-election last November, according to friends and his Twitter account.
. . .
Tsarneav’s Twitter account provided clues about the suspected bomber’s political views. On November 6th, he retweeted several statements suggesting a preference for President Obama over Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

He retweeted a statement from President Obama’s Organizing for Action account that said: “This happened because of you. Thank you,” in reference to Obama’s victory.
. . . .


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