Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Voice: "Literally" Slip-Slidin' Away!

Ahhhh, yes! Remember? That "ONE VOICE" thingy?

"I need ya! Jon needs ya! . . . Are ya fired up? Are you ready to go?"

And now there is this one from the RNC, below . . . featuring a frenzied Sheriff Joe, telling us how, right at the beginning, Jon Corzine was "literally" the "first guy I called!"

Sez Joe:
"He's the smartest guy that I know, in terms of the economy and on finance. I really mean this!"

And how about Joe's priceless closer, huh?
"Jon was right ... C'mon, I could start a mantra ... Jon was right! Jon WAS RIGHT!"

(ht: Tina Korbe at HotAir here.)

And then, you'll want to go here, starting at 928 to hear the "one recent voice" of Jon Corzine:

" . . . Obviously, on the forefront of everyone's mind, including mine, are the varying reports that customer accounts have not been reconciled. I was stunned when I was told on Sunday October 30th, two-thousand and eleven, that MF could not -- MF Global could not account for many hundreds of millions of dollars of client money. I remain deeply concerned about the impact of the unreconciled frozen funds have on MF Global's customers, and others. I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date. As the chief executive officer of the MF Global holding company, I ultimately had overall responsibility for the firm. . . ."

" . . . literally . . . ?"

Makes you kind of wonder what these guys know that he didn't know.

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