Friday, June 10, 2011

Behold the Enmity of the Elites!

06/10/2011 -- The New York Times and the Washington Post: have each furiously primed the "Palinater Pump" with their direct "crowdsourcing" appeal soliciting the public to help them "investigate" here (NYT), and "contextualize" here (WaPo) the large dump of emails to and from the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The documents are being released today by the State of Alaska in response to FOI requests:

Sez Me in reaction to these two media outlet requests:

Someone please tell me how we are not now in the throes of a full blown ideological war here in America?

This action is not just compelling evidence of these two newspapers openly and brazenly enlisting themselves on the side of a political party movement . . . which would itself be a unique and foreboding event in modern American history!

No . . . heretofore, these two news-gathering outlets had tried to maintain at least a pretense of objectivity, a wall of separation between their news and editorial expressions.

This action much more than just further blurs that ever-crumbling line! It is a case of two "elite" news organizations deliberately provoking an electronic mob.

The NYT and the WaPo have just cast aside the last vestiges of their own senses of civility and haughty superiority, couched all these years in claims of pursuing a "higher purpose."

Note the tentative and telling "first offer" from the WaPo . . . the proposed limitation to 100 select deputies . . . which was just as quickly cast aside by them in the face of the NYT open invitation to all! They obviously had at least some initial misgivings, but "monkey see, monkey do" has held sway.

Fingers stabbing away, they both have just pointed accusingly -- out across the angry crowd of nasty little ginned-up ideologues -- at "the hated one."

Nakedly and shamefully demonstrating their own inadequacy to the task, they have each gnashed their teeth, and shouted out loud over the little mob of haters:

"There she is! GET 'ER!

Behold the ugly face of the Enmity of the Elites!

* * *

(The above statement of mine was first posted by me as a portion of a comment on a thread at a post on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion blog describing the actions of the New York Times and the Washington Post in openly soliciting the assistance of legions of Palin-haters on the web to sift through and target items from the large release by the State of Alaska, supposed 24,000 pages of emails to and from Sarah Palin dating from her tenure as the Governor of Alaska.)

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