Monday, September 21, 2009

Jon Corzine: "Its My Way, or the . . . Expressway?"

The Christie for Governor campaign's latest ad pokes fun at Jon Corzine's slip-up, trying to remember the name of the Garden State Parkway. The New Jersey Governor demonstrates a "way with the words" as he walks around down at the shore, wearing a suit and carrying an umbrella.

What the . . . ? Does this guy even like it here in New Jersey?

Gee, I'm surprised he didn't call it the Speedway!

That at least would have made some sense, given the incident two years back on April 12, 2007 when the Governor irresponsibly refused to buckle up for a high-speed frolic back to Drumthwacket, while driving north, near the southern end of the Garden State Parkway.*

At the time, Administration figures initially insisted that speed was not a factor, and they even tried to scapegoat a "mystery" driver of a red pick-up truck that was entering the Parkway on an entrance ramp, claiming he had been "driving erratically" just prior to the crash. They even issued an all-points bulletin looking for the guy.

But that story quickly began to unravel, and it turned out that a week later the "Administration finally had to own up to the fact that the Governor’s vehicle was barreling along at 91 mph, 26 mph OVER the speed limit" at the time of the crash -- as determined by a "black-box" in the vehicle -- when they were running late and trying to make a scheduled meeting on time with Don Imus and the Rutgers Womens' Basketball Team back in Princeton.

Though he was identified, no charges were ever filed against the driver of the red pick-up. He did nothing wrong. The ensuing crash in his trooper-driven SUV Suburban nearly cost Corzine his life, as he was hurled around within the cab of the vehicle when it ran off the roadway. Because he was not buckled up, the Governor suffered numerous fractures, including "11 ribs, a fractured sternum, a fractured collar bone, a fracture to one vertebra, and a compound fracture of his left femur."

* Numerous sources for our original stories were linked at the original posts, here and here.

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