Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Evidence Begins To Mount

Listen as Representative Keith Ellison (D-5th Dist.-MN) was directly asked the following question about Congressional participation in the "public option" at a town hall he held on August 1, 2009 at a Wellness Center located in North Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Beginning at about 1:07 on the video, you can hear a constituent specifically ask him,
"Representative Ellison, are you willing to put your family on this government system, which is different from the one you are currently on? If you are not willing to put your family on the system, why should the rest of us?"
Ellison completely ignored the man's question, and just moved on to the next person, only saying,
"All right, next point."
The next constituent also confronted him about it, simply asking,
"Well, answer the question!"
But Ellison ignored him as well and just put the microphone in front of other attendees to allow them to make their quick points! Probably sensing that it was not a friendly crowd at the beginning, he told the assembled crowd -- after an enthusiastic response to one commenter -- that he didn't want
"anybody to not feel good about what they heard but you've got to try and bridle some of your enthusiasm so we can get ... go quick."
You can see him annoyingly snapped his fingers for emphasis. In other words, he obviously wanted to cut this session short! Apparently, word had gotten out about the hastily called event, and it was not a particularly friendly crowd that showed up.

Also check out the comments of the woman, beginning at 2:07 on the time clock, who pointed out that:
"there's not one program that the government's stuck it's fingers in, it's hands in, including welfare, including Medicare, including Medicaid that has worked. Our disproportions are because we are being pimped, and we are being used, and they are not going to get it any better taking care of your life!"
She also got a huge hand from the crowd in the room.

(Video, ht, Ed Morrissey, embedded at HotAir, here, via SCSU Scholars, here.)

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