Tuesday, May 05, 2009

White House: Flight Photos NOT To Be Released

The Obama White House has officially refused to release the "photos" they said were the reason for the low-level flight of Air Force One around the New York harbor area, including over the area of Jersey City in New Jersey, forcing panic among many residents, and office workers as well.

As was reported in today's New York Post:
"We have no plans to release them," an aide to President Obama told The Post, refusing to comment further.

The sole purpose of the secret photo-op, which sent thousands of New Yorkers running for cover, was to take new publicity shots of the presidential jet over the city.

"The photos . . . are classified -- that's ridiculous," Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., said.

The photos have not technically been "classified," a White House aide said, but they are being kept from public view.
They are not classified, and yet the White House still refuses to release them? And they refuse to answer any more questions about it?

The whole story has been shrouded in secrecy from the beginning, even to the point of local officials being threatened with retaliation, if they let it out!

It is getting more and more suspicious.

Ask yourself this -- Who in their right mind would arrange for a large passenger jet and two F-16 Fighters, to fly up to the New York harbor area, circle around the Statue of Liberty area at a low altitude with one of two F-16's tailing the large jet, just to "update" a few file photos -- and unclassified photos at that?

That story is simply absurd on it's face. Especially in a post-9/11 world!

So, the question becomes, what really occurred because that story simply does not hold water.

I can think of two possible general reasons for failing to release the unclassified photos:

1. There are no photos, making the "cover" story a flat-out lie, or,

2. Many or most of whatever "official" photos were taken, were of what was going on inside the plane, and as a result would show exactly who was on board.

As for that second possibility, consider this . . . perhaps the passengers were a group of Obama supporters and/or contributors, who were being politically rewarded for their help in the campaign.

Lots of seats, no? Like the Clinton era Lincoln's Bedroom sleepovers, but on steroids. How many people can stay over in the Lincoln Bedroom? How many people can board Air Force One? Hmmmm . . . .

Who knows? In that case, I'd guess they probably took some pictures of their own as well!

The latter is a very logical possibility, because it would explain all the facts as we know them so far, including:

a. the extreme demand for secrecy in advance;

b. the lack of any coherent public explanation as to why the flight was taken in the first place;

c. consistent a little bit with the "cover story," because there indeed would have been some "file" photos taken of the occasion, ones that the White House would definitely NOT want to get out;

d. their adamant refusal to release any of the photos, even though they admit they are not classified;

e. the refusal of the White House to entertain any further questions about it, clearly indicating they have something very embarrassing to hide, and,

f. it would also explain why they strangely went out of their way at first to point out that it was not "officially" Air Force One . . . but a "back-up," and that it is only AF-1 when the President is on board, thus "minimizing" the PR problem, should it come out!

The fact is that they have gone silent, leaving the public to guess. Have you got a better possible explanation? We'd love to hear it. Feel free to comment.

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