Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Just Another Guy Pedaling His Viewpoint"
A Socialist One At That, He Adds

Given the fact that the Presidential Debate, earlier this evening, is already being dubbed the "Joe the Plumber Debate," here he is, Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Ohio, who confronted Barack Obama on a rope line the other day about his tax plan, and elicited the comment from the Presidential candidate about his idea to "spread the wealth around."

Obama also said to Joe:
"It's not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too."
Joe didn't much care for the idea, which he called "a socialist viewpoint." Well, that's fair. In addition to running as a Democrat, Obama did run on a socialist (New Party) line in his first race for public office.

Here, we see Joe being interviewed by Neal Cavuto of Fox News Network, on the Obama tax plan.

An earlier Fox tape shows more of the direct exchange between Joe and Barack Obama.

More on Joe here. And the fact that it was indeed the Joe the Plumber debate.

Gateway Pundit (ht, Instapundit, here) has more face time with Joe the Plumber post debate, including video of an interview with Joe by the Toledo Blade. Here's the embed of that video:

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asks, "Can we vote for him?"

Nice to hear someone, a small businessman, who really will be negatively affected by Obama's redistribution plan, talk about the impact rather than constantly hearing Senator Obama prattle on about how his friend Warren Buffet, "can afford" to pay more taxes. A lot of people have been hurt by the uncertainty in the credit markets, and small businesses across the nation will be crucial to the nation's financial recovery.

Larry Elder clearly explains why, when Obama says he will give "tax cuts" to 95% of American workers, he is being disingenuous.

Why? More than 30 percent pay nothing in federal income taxes. Obama comes up with this number by calling tax credits "tax cuts." One can debate whether these things are good or bad, but they are not tax cuts. McCain offers refundable tax credits for health care, as well as other credits, but he doesn't insult the intelligence of the American people by calling them "tax cuts." When Obama's credits go to people who pay no federal income taxes or who pay less than the value of the credit, they are not "tax cuts." They are transfers of money from one pocket to another, or redistributions of wealth, but they are not tax cuts.
Obviously, their campaign stung by the Joe the Plumber references during the debate, a blinking Joe Biden was given free rein by David Gregory at MSNBC on "Closing Arguments" to peddle his viewpoint about the credibility of Joe the Plumber. Notice how uncomfortable Gregory looks letting Biden go on and on. But he doesn't interrupt.

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