Friday, July 20, 2012

Romney Quotes Obama Gaffe: Obama Camp In Denial Lockdown

The Obama campaign has desperately attempted to create a diversion by attacking Mitt Romney for accurately quoting a huge gaffe the President made at a campaign rally in Roanoke, VA, on July 13, 2012.

Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard blog has the full story here.

The Obama campaign clumsily attempted that diversion, by running an ad accusing Romney of misquoting the President by pointing to another statement Obama made during the same speech.

Only problem? Obama did make the statement Romney quoted, and the Obama campaign stupidly included his verbal gaffe further on in the very same ad they made denying that he made the statement!  Heh!

Indented below is the outlandish statement the President actually made during his speech, the one which Mitt Romney then accurately quoted during one of his campaign stops:
"If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Here's a precise clip of the statement Obama blurted out, via Erik Soderstrom's Channel on YouTube:

Unable to just let the gaffe slide, the Obama campaign then angrily responded with their own ad, denying that Obama had made that statement! As they specifically put it in their ad, in response to Romney quoting the President:
"That's not what he said."
Here is an actual screenshot of their statement of denial . . . from the Obama ad accusing Mitt Romney of lying:

But as we already know, Obama did say it, and during that same speech!  In their response ad the Obama campaign actually included the quoted portion, which can be seen and heard at 38 seconds into their own ad.

Let me see if I can sum up the position of the Obama team: "That's not what he said; and here's the proof that he said it!"

So, the first line of defense from Obama was a childish out-and-out denial, which we know was not true based on the proof that they themselves supplied!

Wow!  What on earth might their second line of defense be?

"It only sounds like that's what he said?" Or, "He didn't mean what you think he meant when he said what he said?"  Some are actually trying that one out for size! In fact, one week later, Fox News is reporting that Obama himself is now calling the criticism "bogus" and claiming he was just talking about "roads and bridges."

Well, President Obama DID say it and Romney correctly quoted him. The Obama campaign created their ad as a diversion, and lied about it when Romney poked fun at the President for his stupid statement.

Thus, the fact remains that Obama indeed said, "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

William Bigelow at Breitbart compares the Obama team effort to the hilarious antics of Chico Marx in the famous movie, "Duck Soup."

And as John Hinderaker at Powerline wryly noted here, linking to a devastatingly funny Jon Lovitz tweet, the President is not always wrong on this score.   Oh, ouch!  That had to leave a mark.

So maybe, just maybe President Obama was thinking about his Nobel Peace Prize when he made that dumb statement. After all, he certainly didn't earn that! Somebody else made that happen.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Re Post Of a Ripost For The Ages?

The NBC clip below, nicely packaged by NewsBusters, has been making the rounds, including a post on Breitbart and elsewhere.

It may well be remembered as one of the most delightful encounters of the emerging post-MSM era.  The verbal ripost certainly deserves this re post!

It features NBC's peevish little talking head, Andrea Mitchell, desperately attempting and failing to resuscitate a thoroughly false Obama Presidential campaign meme and campaign talking point -- i.e., that Mitt Romney was somehow responsible for outsourcing American jobs overseas while he was running Bain Capital. Mitchell first hits a brick wall, and then a deadly ricochet response when she attempts to run it on air past seasoned Romney surrogate, and former New Hampshire Governor, John Sununu.

John has his facts well marshaled and he actually winds up openly laughing at her feeble attempts to re-pitch the debunked Obama campaign sally. In the end, John succeeds in ticking off proof regarding the $29 billion dollars of taxpayer dollars that the Obama Administration outsourced to foreign nations, including Finland, Mexico, and Denmark.

He almost immediately shut down her first attempt to muddle the Bain claim, reminding her that the Obama-generated Bain meme had been thoroughly debunked as false by PolitiFact and received "4 Pinocchio's" the Washington Post, no less.

She then falls flat on her face when she feebly suggests that somehow --in spite of the fact that Romney had already left Bain when the so-called "outsourcing" she was referring to occurred -- that regardless, "the point is that Romney is more vulnerable than the President" on outsourcing!

Bottom line, as nicely summarized by Sununu at one point:
"Mitt Romney outsourced zero; Obama outsourced $29 Billion."

As a good friend of mine used to colorfully describe someone caught in a like quandary, poor Andrea Mitchell ended up "looking like a penny waiting for change!"

Sununu himself put it to her directly, chuckling at her halting response

"You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling!"