Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Re Post Of a Ripost For The Ages?

The NBC clip below, nicely packaged by NewsBusters, has been making the rounds, including a post on Breitbart and elsewhere.

It may well be remembered as one of the most delightful encounters of the emerging post-MSM era.  The verbal ripost certainly deserves this re post!

It features NBC's peevish little talking head, Andrea Mitchell, desperately attempting and failing to resuscitate a thoroughly false Obama Presidential campaign meme and campaign talking point -- i.e., that Mitt Romney was somehow responsible for outsourcing American jobs overseas while he was running Bain Capital. Mitchell first hits a brick wall, and then a deadly ricochet response when she attempts to run it on air past seasoned Romney surrogate, and former New Hampshire Governor, John Sununu.

John has his facts well marshaled and he actually winds up openly laughing at her feeble attempts to re-pitch the debunked Obama campaign sally. In the end, John succeeds in ticking off proof regarding the $29 billion dollars of taxpayer dollars that the Obama Administration outsourced to foreign nations, including Finland, Mexico, and Denmark.

He almost immediately shut down her first attempt to muddle the Bain claim, reminding her that the Obama-generated Bain meme had been thoroughly debunked as false by PolitiFact and received "4 Pinocchio's" the Washington Post, no less.

She then falls flat on her face when she feebly suggests that somehow --in spite of the fact that Romney had already left Bain when the so-called "outsourcing" she was referring to occurred -- that regardless, "the point is that Romney is more vulnerable than the President" on outsourcing!

Bottom line, as nicely summarized by Sununu at one point:
"Mitt Romney outsourced zero; Obama outsourced $29 Billion."

As a good friend of mine used to colorfully describe someone caught in a like quandary, poor Andrea Mitchell ended up "looking like a penny waiting for change!"

Sununu himself put it to her directly, chuckling at her halting response

"You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling!"


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