Monday, May 14, 2012

Warren Refuses to "Evolve" on Cherokee Legacy

05/14/2012 -- At the Daily Caller, an embedded clip of Elizabeth Warren, responding to a question based on Senator Scott Brown's recent claim of contradictions in her palpably curious family history story, in which she has long asserted Cherokee Indian lineage, a boast she only very recently narrowed down to a claim of being only 1/32 Cherokee, based on the thin and as yet undocumented assertion that her great, great, great grandmother, one O. C. Sarah Smith, was Cherokee.

Since then, however, further serious questions about the entire story have arisen. But she is not budging, holding on now to the claim that it was recorded in a family newsletter -- one that no one seems to have kept.  *UPDATE, 8:26 pm: The original genealogist who had backed her story, has now admitted his mistake.  Elizabeth Warren's story now appears to be lacking any possible foundation whatsoever.*

The televised  question to her came during her appearance on the CNN interview show "Starting Point."

It seems Elizabeth  is now "doubling down" in spite of increasingly convincing evidence that her long time claim to Native American heritage, appears to be, well . . . bogus.

Detailed stories have emerged over the past few weeks, ones virtually undermining the entire genealogical basis for her prior (and current) claims, and the revelations have even including persuasive evidence detailed by Breitbart here and enhanced in a well-documented post at a law blog here that one of her forerunners was actually a member of a militia unit back at at the time in Tennessee, a unit that was militarily responsible for rounding up Cherokee people in the prelude to the sorrowful "Trail of Tears!" 

The entire matter has now become an acute embarrassment for a few institutions of learning (ht, Legal Insurrection, here) at which Warren has taught over the years, including at two of the top law schools in the country -- Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania -- prestigious institutions where Warren instructed.  In each case, it now appears that she was proudly being touted at the schools as a "minority" professor while she was teaching there, a "fact" that now is in serious question.

Yet, in this latest CNN clip, she can be heard dismissively addressing Brown's jibes during the course of the interview, still claiming defiantly, "You know, I'm proud of my Native American heritage." In spite of the strong contrary evidence, the CNN interviewer did not challenge her statement.

Warren then went on to allege that the continuing controversy is all just an effort by Wall Street, Scott Brown and Washington to "change the subject," that is, to create a distraction from the weak American economy, and the effect on middle class and working families -- even though she was the person who all along raised the claim of American Indian heritage.

Warren's campaign website currently makes no references to, nor links any stories at all about the controversy.  Nor does it factually address her continued claim of Cherokee "heritage"  in the background.

Apparently she's not that proud!

By launching this latest "subject changing" line of defense, she may have risibly singled herself out thereby as the only Democrat in the entire country to be making such a charge!  Republicans across the country have been raising strikingly similar claims, aimed at the President and the Democrat-controlled Senate, given the fact that both the Obama Administration and the Senate Democrats have lately eschewed all credible talk of the current state of the economy. They and their acolytes in the MSM seem to prefer instead addressing such "issues" as the alleged "war on women,", the President's "historic evolution" on gay marriage, or scrounging around for any opportunity to once again "spike the football" over the year-old raid on OBL's lair in Abbbottabad, PK.  The economy is a non-story for the Democrats -- except for Liz.

At this point, it sadly seems the only way to address her continuing insistence on her "heritage" is by poking bit of fun at her story.
"I love my ancestry," sez she.
If only the facts would agree!
High cheeky worked then,
Back at Harvard and Penn,
But outed . . . a faux family tree.


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