Friday, December 10, 2010

Petitioners to Destabilize U.S. Economy & Ban Water

12/10/10 -- This is really priceless. Make no mistake about it . . . in addition to its open enemies, the United States of America, and for that matter, common sense, have their full share of stupid, mindless detractors in this world as well, some of whom live here, and most of whom probably think they really do mean well.

A bunch of them, for example, were among the petition signers on the following two "mock" petitions circulated by students belonging to an organization called CFACT at the very recent COP 16 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, held in Cancun, Mexico, last month. (ht, posts on "Watts Up With That" & HotAir)

The first of the two CFACT petitions, entitled "Petition to Set a Global Standard" called for the United States to be blackmailed into signing a Global Warming Treaty, and openly calling for the intentional destabilizing of the American Economy by imposing a set of United Nations enforced tariffs other trade restrictions, specifically aimed a reducing the GDP of our country by 6% over a ten year period. That, of course, would cripple the U.S. economy, and would cause tremendous dislocation and suffering for untold numbers of Americans, and others as well. But the conferees and others who signed on were apparently quite pleased with that prospect, or stupidly failed to think about what the consequences would be.

Watch the video recording some of the conferees as they eagerly signed onto the bogus petitions. "Good! I'll sign that!" intoned one eager signer when the purpose was specifically outlined.

The other petition, a "Petition to Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)" openly demonstrates the abject ignorance of anyone who signed it. The petition calls for the banning, as described by the circulators as the major component of "acid rain." Mind you, that sophomoric gag was the subject of a well known Penn and Teller comedy routine, just a few years back.

But they fell for that one, too! The major component of acid rain is indeed rain, also known as, uhhhhh . . . "water." You know . . . good old H2O?

Watch particularly at the end of the original Penn & Teller video when one of the signers has it explained to him that he just inked his "John Hancock" on a petition calling for the banning of water.

That poor guy still has to be smarting from the original publication of the clip, way back in 2006! And here it is to haunt him once again.

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