Friday, May 28, 2010

No Time For A High Crime
Co-host Fingers ABC Investigative Reporter Hubby - "Get off of it, Mika!"
Breaking: Did Bill Clinton Make The Offer Via Rahm Emanuel?

05/28/2010 -- In a recent clip from their show, MSNBC co-host of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski, admits to Joe Scarborough that some of her friends and her husband, Jim Hoffer (an investigative TV news reporter at ABC-TV) have both told her to drop on-air discussions of the circumstances surrounding the offer of a federal job to Joe Sestak, who is now the Democrat candidate for the United States Senate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by an official of the Obama Administration.

Mika says she she "got hammered" by them, saying to her, "This issue doesn't matter. Let it go. Get off of it, Mika!"

Joe Sestak has insisted that the offer was indeed made to get him to drop out of the Democrat primary race against Arlen Spector for the nomination. As reported by Politico, Sestak reconfirmed that recently during an appearance on Meet the Press. But Sestak will not say who the Obama Administration official was who made that offer. It is a federal crime to make a job offer to someone to affect the outcome of an election.

Curiously, Mr. Hoffer's reportorial investigative instincts have even led, in the recent past, to his brief detention by county shreiff's officers for refusing to back off from an interview of a County Executive in Rockland County, NY. It seems that Mr. Hoffer was persisting in pursuing additional information regarding why the county had
"filed a notice of claim seeking [Medicaid reimbursement] money from the estate of a nun, who died when an unbolted closet toppled onto her in the county-run Summit Park nursing home."
But, when it comes to the federal crime of bribery, at least according to Mika Brzezinski, her husband Mr. Hoffer told her Ix-nay on the offer!

Here is the Newsbusters coverage where we found the clip, above, and where they aimed their primary focus on Joe Scarborough's funny quip that the mainstream media would not follow the Sestak story even
"if Rahm Emanuel announced it in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue wearing nothing but a Speedo and that very nautical dress."
Well, that was obviously more visual suggestion than most people would care for! But the point is well taken! We certainly know now what a certain investigative reporter for ABC-News would do with the story!

It took his wife "diming him" on air, but when an investigative reporter for ABC-TV could care less about what would be a high crime committed by a high Obama Administration official, you've got to think that we're all in a little jeopardy.

And, by the way, can you imagine the off-air cell call Mika must have received from hubby Jimbo the minute he found out that she had "outed" him that way?
"What the . . . !"

Again, as noted at Politico, Sestak continued to refuse to identify the person who made the offer. Said he:
"I was offered a job, and I answered that," Sestak said. "Anything that goes beyond that is for others to talk about."

Breaking: And now, according to Greg Sargent at the Washington Post Plum Line, former President Bill Clinton was tasked through Rahm Emanuel to make the job overture to Sestak.

Here we go!

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