Thursday, April 01, 2010

Freedom Is . . . In Our Code

04/01/2010 -- Here is a uniquely 21st Century way to describe human freedom, from a young woman who has had the courage to openly declare it to the world, in the face of a horrifying political system that has systematically propagated, and cruelly imposed the exact opposite on her people for half a century now!

And yet, she just said the following:

-- "Por suerte, como si se tratara de un virus incurable, la libertad está inscrita en el código del género humano."

-- "Fortunately, as if it were an incurable virus, freedom is written into the code of the human race."
-- Yoani Sánchez, Cuban blogger*

Because she is only 37 years old, one can say without contradiction, that Fidel Castro and communism, and now the ongoing communist regime of his brother Raul, have had an unrelenting choke hold on Cuba, fully 13 years longer than she has even been alive!

So . . . the communists and all their little apparatchiks too, must be wondering, "Where does this come from?"

Simple. It's written in the code.

* The photo is from TIME, one that is featured on her Twitter account, here.

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