Wednesday, December 02, 2009

West Point Is "The Enemy Camp?"

UPDATE, below: MSNBS political opinionator, Chris Matthews, commenting just after the Obama speech regarding Afghanistan, which the President delivered December 1, 2009, at the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York.

Honestly, is there a bigger fool in public life today than this furrowing-feeler? He calls West Point the "enemy camp!"

This one, of course, was only the latest in that ample tapestry of gaffes that Matthews has woven over the years.


UPDATE: Apparently Chris Matthews took a lot of heat today for calling the United States Military Academy at West Point the "enemy camp" during his analytical reaction to the Presidents's speech on Afghanistan last night. And he took that he, not just from cadets, or former cadets (which, as you will see, are the only "critics" he acknowledges in the video below) but from a whole raft of Americans, including, you would have to believe, from his bosses at MSNBC.

Certainly, the phones there must have rung off the hook on this one!

So, Chris did an about face and issued the following on-air apology, attempting thereby, as you will hear, to set himself above the strawman politicians who he says would have tried to talk their way around it.

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Nope. I don't buy it.

I have never believed Chris Matthews was any more than a vile and disingenuous political hack, even back in the days when he first showed up on television and pretended to take a more broadly bipartisan approach to his commentary. To me, he is the most thoroughly dishonest and reprehensible commentator on the air today. And that specifically includes his air-time buddy at MSNBC, Keith Olberman, who at least doesn't try to hide his utter personal contempt for traditional American values, or for that matter, for virtually anything that this country has stood for over the years.



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