Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Fudge Factor!

In my last post I asked what some others seem also to be asking in various ways . . . "Is Science Itself At Risk?"

People are asking these questions because of the myriad issues that keep arising regarding the work of the progenitors of anthropogenic global warming and climate change.

It seemed to me that the question naturally arises because of what unexplained approximations, private doubts expressed by the scientists themselves, destruction of raw data, data manipulations, employment of "tricks" to "hide the decline," evasions, possible violations of FOI requirements, etc. -- all have been and continue to be exposed, and are all threaded throughout the underbelly of what is being presented in the name of settled science. Thus, so much of what had been recently offered to the world as "science" to be believed, now appears to be riven with quite unsettling and unanswered questions.

And, in addition to all the serious questions many have raised arising out of the revelations of the e-mail and data dump late last month from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the UK, it now appears there is yet another very serious problem associated with the work compiled over there at the CRU -- unprofessional computer source coding (ht for clip, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, here).

Brace yourself!

It seems that a writer of the source code underscoring their modeling work rather openly and candidly admits that he is somewhat incompetent, and not always up to the task!

On almost a daily basis, new revelations and very troubling information arises regarding global warming science. It does not mean that there is no basis to it. But this is beginning to look like the Leng T'che "slow slicing" -- or, "death by a thousand cuts."

So, many would argue that playing 52 pick-up with the entire world economy might not be such a hot idea, given those unanswered questions. In fact, it might not be such a hot idea, even if the anthropogenic basis of the prognosticators is eventually shown to have merit. That is because, as scientists like Richard S. Lindzen persuasively argue, the scare tactics of claimed climate change are an entirely different story.

He asked in that recent Wall Street Journal piece entitled, "The Climate Science Isn't Settled":
What does all this have to do with climate catastrophe? The answer brings us to a scandal that is, in my opinion, considerably greater than that implied in the hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit (though perhaps not as bad as their destruction of raw data): namely the suggestion that the very existence of warming or of the greenhouse effect is tantamount to catastrophe. This is the grossest of "bait and switch" scams. It is only such a scam that lends importance to the machinations in the emails designed to nudge temperatures a few tenths of a degree.
You would think this that this "climategate" scandal was becoming a bigger and bigger source of acute embarrassment, especially to those international architects and proponents of massive changes in our world's international economic order, the ones gathered as they all are in Copenhagen, negotiating agreements for underscoring the very energy future of our entire globe, a new and very limiting order attempting to bind developing and developed nations alike.

Now we come to the latest "cut" --- we find out that, on top of all the other issues cited above, that the lofty and grand future economic edifice being negotiated, is firmly rooted, at least in some small part, on the computer modeling work of some self-effacing code writer who readily concedes that, owing to his personal limitations, he has employed a "work-around" or two . . . thereby actually introducing a "fudge factor" right into the scientific mix!

His words!

What the . . . !! Go on. Take a look for yourself. Click on the arrow in the clip below.


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