Saturday, November 01, 2008

Funny Comment Of The Day

Today's comment was appended to a post by Ed Morrissey at HotAir entitled, "Franken: You know what’s funny? Killing the President!" He posted a video, via Hugh Hewitt, here. We've posted it as well, below.

The video features a 2004 recording of Al Franken, former "comedian," and current United States Senate candidate from Minnesota. In the recording, which was made after the Republican convention in 2004, Al Franken is recorded on tape, showing a sign-language interpreter his sick idea of a "joke" -- i.e., that the interpreter had missed the "golden" opportunity to signal to al-Qaeda a way to "get to" the President.

Gee, that Al, he sure is a funny fellow, isn't he? Apparently, Al just couldn't resist the opportunity to make a Presidential assassination joke! At Hugh Hewitt's post, above, he also links to Franken's long history of really vicious anti-Christian "humor." And now Al he wants to be United States Senator.

Most of the comments on Ed's thread about this video at HotAir were about a mock "self-help" character Franken created years ago, named Stuart Smalley. This comment was as well.

But "Mulligan" -- the commenter -- did it in a unique way by neatly turning Franken's own Smalley schtick right on the candidate.
Doggone it, he’s not good enough to be a
senator, and people don’t like him.

Mulligan on October 31, 2008 at 8:00 PM

No need for a "mulligan" on that one, Mulligan! Good job!

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