Saturday, January 05, 2008

Where's The Fence?

(Update, below)
After the press conference on illegal immigration at Mitt Romney Headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire earlier today, Demos Chrissos, President of RapidResponse Media, an issue advocacy, production and media company out of Maryland, played a few of his rapid turn-around issue advocacy pieces for some of the participants from the presser.

You may enjoy some of the clips posted on his website, including the one entitled, "Where's the Fence?"

Below is Demos (green sweater, left) showing a few of the clips on his laptop to two other press conference participants, Bay Buchanan and Congressman Tom Tancredo.

The one showing at the time was, "Where's The Fence? It is well worth watching. Just click on the image.

Update: Also posted is a hard-hitting opposition piece on the latest iteration of the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea, UNCLOS, or the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) to it's critics.

There are two clips. Watch both. The opposition pieces are very effective reminders of what critics see as sovereignty, environmental, taxation, economic, lack of funding control, and even eminent domain issues.

The latest version of the treaty, that some argued to President Reagan's original objections back in 1982, and which was signed by former President Clinton in 1996, was never ratified by the Senate. But it was recently released for a vote in the full Senate by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 17-4, back on October 31st, having the support of the Bush Administration.

However, the treaty does not seem to be drawing much attention in the Presidential race!

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