Monday, December 31, 2007


New Year's Eve, 2007:
(updated & corrected)

Boy, I was going to put up a real doozey of a post here, one strongly suggesting that Mr. Huckabee's behavior -- as described in this New York Times article by Katharine Q. Seeyle, Saying He Pulled Negative Ad, Huckabee Shows It*, and also described at this post on the NY Times political blog, The Caucus -- was frankly a little bizarre, and would likely lead anyone to believe that Mr. Huckabee seems to want it all ways!

As the article described Mr. Huckabee's latest maneuver:

DES MOINES — In an act of political jujitsu, Mike Huckabee has halted a negative ad that he was about to broadcast on television Monday against his Republican rival, Mitt Romney. But while claiming the moral high ground, he proceeded to show the ad to a roomful of reporters, photographers and television cameras who are repeating his anti-Romney message for free while Mr. Huckabee declares that his hands are clean.

But, I decided at the last second that I would NOT put this up as a regular post for consideration by just anyone who might happen to read it.

Therefore, you are hereby notified that this post is posted subject to the following strict disclaimer.

Notice of Disclaimer:

This communication is ONLY intended to be read by reporters, and is being posted here ONLY for the purpose of demonstrating what I could have posted, had I decided to post a regular comment.

If you are not a reporter, please ignore the entire content of this post, even if you have already read it.

Thank You.


(Notwithstanding all of the foregoing, the following notice is posted without regard to any limitation of meaning whatsoever, whether perceived, imagined, or otherwise.)

Happy New Year, Everyone!

*Note: The Hill also published a 12/31version of the story, Huckabee pulls negative ad, vows to go positive, by Sam Youngman.

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At 3:25 PM, January 01, 2008, Blogger Enlighten-NewJersey said...

Happy New Year

At 5:02 PM, January 01, 2008, Blogger Trochilus said...

You bet. And speaking of doozeys, 2008 certainly promises to be one!


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