Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Speech in Egypt

This sounds like great news. Sandmonkey reports as follows:
Three Cheers for the Egyptian justice system. Judge Mourad lost his case today, and the court ruled in favor of freedom of speech on the internet, with emphasis that websites should never get blocked by the government. This is a very important legal precedent, and a boon to free speech advocates everywhere. Kudos to Gamal Eid and the Hesham Mubarak legal team, and special thanks to Judge Mourad: if it wasn't for your stupidity, this wouldn't have taken place at all.

Today is a good day!

Like so many other bloggers, back in Frebruary we also wrote about the need for Freedom for Kareem.

Just in case you were wondering about the Freedom For Kareem logo on the sidebar of the website, Michelle Malkin had a current post up about it that explains just who this incredibly courageous young man is, and what he stands for. She has also posted a link to an Op-Ed that appeared today in the Washington Post, defending and speaking up for Kareem. Please read it and consider the fate of this brave young man.

He is Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman. His country of Egypt and his family have turned on him for standing up for a fundamental freedom that too many of us have come to take for granted in the 230 + years since we declared our nation's independence. He has freely expressed his views on his blog, ones that have been critical of the Egyptian government, and of radical Islam. As a result he was expelled from his University, has received death threats, and his family have disowned him. And now he is to be jailed.

Such courage cannot be permitted to leave us speechless.
Kareem, as you may know, received an outrageous four year sentence. We sure hope this new ruling will mean Freedom for Kareem.

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